The Mersey DOHNS OSCE Revision Course


The Mersey DOHNS OSCE Revision Course

155.00 185.00

Saturday 26 January 2019

SIX places remaining

One-day DOHNS OSCE revision course with a realistic mock exam



The Sixth Mersey DOHNS OSCE Revision Course. This is a revision course for those aspiring to sit the DOHNS OSCE. We have limited numbers to 8-10 attendees, enabling us to address revision needs more closely and to provide a better experience. 

The course is centred around a full-length mock OSCE using professional medical actors with up to eight manned/interactive stations per attendee. You will receive private written and verbal feedback from the examiners and actors. In the afternoon, exam answers are discussed and we are guided by needs of the attendees on the day. We can focus on exam technique or particular key topics. The course usually runs four weeks before a sitting of the DOHNS OSCE to help candidates in the later stages of revision to benchmark themselves. 

A continental breakfast, sandwich/finger food lunch, coffee and refreshments are included.

Feedback from October 2016 – "Very friendly and extremely knowledgeable" – "Good candidate to tutor ratio; very informative... exam technique tips" – 'Extensive amount of questions"  Overall rating by candidates = 6.3 / 7

Feedback from January 2017 - "Excellent sim pts + manned stations" - "Overall very good" - "Excellent course" - "This is ideal 1 month before the exam"  Overall rating by candidates = 6.4 / 7

Feedback from September 2017 - "Excellent faculty to candidate ratio" - "Simulated the fatiguability" - "Mock OSCE excellent; good food; good directions"  Overall rating by candidates = 6.5 / 7



Candidates for the intercollegiate DOHNS Part B OSCE



£185 each candidate; £155 early bird fee before 1200 14 November 2018.

There are no observer places for this course.

NOTE: If any surplus is generated from our courses, ExcellENT uses this to support ENT education through prizes and grants, and by funding projects such as All trustees, course organisers and tutors are unpaid volunteers.

Refund & Cancellation Policy: Until 1200 on 14 November 2018, attendees may cancel for a refund, less a 20% administration cost. 

After 1200 on 14 November 2018, no refunds are available unless the attendee can arrange for a replacement paying the same fee. These rules allow us to provide viable courses with high actor-attendee ratios at a reasonable cost. 

If we are forced to cancel the course either because of low uptake or because of circumstances beyond our control, we will contact attendees at the earliest possible time (usually at least four weeks before the course). If we are forced to cancel a course, attendees will be given a full refund but we are not liable for other costs they may have incurred.

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Saturday 26 January 2019
Aintree University Hospital, Liverpool L9 7AL

Note - the September 2018 course is now full



Before October 2019 sitting of DOHNS Part B (there is unlikely to be an April course)



Mr Todd Kanzara, ENT ST5, Mersey rotation
Mr Andrew Lau, ENT ACF ST5, Mersey rotation



Mr Andrew Kinshuck, ENT Consultant
Mr Nav Upile, ENT ST8
Mr Tom Hampton, ENT ST5
Mr Richard Siau, ENT ST5
Mr Hussein Walijee, ENT ST5