This is a free app for health professionals who want ENTSHO.COM clinical reference content on their mobile device!

The ENTSHO App has been developed by Dr Adam Morley of Intrafacer in conjunction with the ENTSHO.COM editorial team.

The initial app release will include core clinical reference pages (Airway to Neck). In time, the app will include all clinical reference content, such as Skills and Operations, and an update will be released in 2018.

The live ENTSHO.COM website also offers optimised versions for mobile browsers. The website is constantly reviewed and will continue to host the most up-to-date material, as well as content not found on the app such as CPD and revision resources, course information and more.  

The ENTSHO App – an ExcellENT resource.


30 July 2018: We are currently having trouble with the Android version of our app - we will update this page as soon as it is available. Sorry!







Page last reviewed: 8 May 2018