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An ENT SHO is doing TTOs on the head and neck ward at the Royal Cornwall Hospital one evening. One of the max facs SHOs remarks that it would be great to have an online reference aimed at junior doctors covering ENT. A few days later, ENTSHO.COM is born.

Over time, ideas from GP trainees, ENT SHOs and registrars have influenced the layout you see today. Some ultra keen authors (Tom Jacques and Ananth Vijendren) got dragged onto the editorial team.

Initially funded out of our own pockets, we set up a charity, Excellence in ENT Education and Research (ExcellENT), to coordinate a portfolio of educational activities that now encompasses this website, a book, an app, several courses, bursaries and a prize.

We need all the help we can get, so if you found our website or app useful, please donate any amount using the button above. Thank you for your generosity.

Andrew Lau
Chair, ExcellENT

Liverpool, 2017