The Prize: Information

The Prize

The team has set up this Prize to recognise the best contribution by a UK or RoI junior doctor to evidence-based ENT clinical practice.

This is a great ST3 portfolio opportunity for those interested in a career in ENT: 1) It is a national postgraduate prize exclusive to junior grade doctors; 2) It comes with a place on an ENT 'craft' course.



Entry is only open to those who fulfil all three entry criteria:

  1. You must be a registered doctor (with a licence to practise if in the UK)

  2. You must be in Foundation or Core training or equivalent, or in an SHO-grade fellow post in the UK or RoI

  3. You must be within five years of obtaining your primary medical qualification

Full information on eligibility and regulations can be downloaded from the prize submissions page when it opens.



The 2019 submission period closed on Monday, 14 January 2019.

Candidates will be informed of the outcome well in advance of ST3 National Selection.




PrizEWINNERs And runners-up

2019 Winner: Sarah Timms - Oromucosal benzydamine spray as an analgesic adjunct following paediatric tonsillectomy: a prospective study and literature review

2019 Runner-up: Elliot Heward

2018 Winner: Dave Selwyn - When to refer: Validating the Evidence-based Acute otitis externa Referral Score (EARS)

2017 Winner: Chris Metcalfe - Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging for residual and recurrent cholesteatoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis

2016 Winner: Theofano Tikka - Refining the head and neck cancer referral guidelines: a two-centre analysis of 4715 patients

2016 Runner-Up: Jonathan Abbas - The BeSMART (Best Supportive Management for Adults Referred with Tonsillopharyngitis) multi-centre observational study

2015 Winner: John Hardman - Tympanoplasty for chronic tympanic membrane perforation in children: systematic review and meta-analysis